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A website template is a webpage, which is pre-designed. You can also call it a collection of HTML webpages, which can be used by anyone for “plugging-in” their personal text or image content.

Website templates are typically built using CSS or HTML code. They allow anybody to develop a website without seeking any professional help from a designer or web developer. In fact, there are several developers who even use these premium web templates to develop client websites. Sounds super easy, doesn’t it?

Our company, Envato is extremely passionate about everything on the web! We operate with a global network of sites helping developers to earn out of what they absolutely love doing. Our goal is to create websites, which transform the way in which people all across the globe access information and earn online.

What does a typical web template and plugin include?

The design of a web template would generally include image galleries, flash animation, contact forms, shopping carts, video players, a links page for PDF download and several other features.

How do you select a website template? When browsing through premium web templates, ensure that it already has the scripts, applications and functions which are required for your specific development project. Envato offers a wide variety of designs and codes for premium web templates and the choice varies from one vendor to the other.

Creators can easily add images and text to these pre-designed pages. In addition to this, the already existing images can also be replaced for placing your own personal images. Envato is a great platform for those who are creating their website for the very first time. You will find help with built-in-features and detailed instructions on how to build your website.

The bionetwork of sites at Envato includes an educational platform, a freelance network as well as a digital marketing place. Several millions all over the world can get creative help with these services and earn money as well as acquire new skills. You will find so many new things to try in the Envato ecosystem. The sky is the limit at Envato!

Why use Envato Web Templates?

Our templates allow web designers to be flexible and they are simple to update. You get continuity and consistency between the various HTML pages with our premium web templates. The update is also free! Templates do a brilliant job at enhancing productivity and allow certain team members to focus on page formats. At the same time the other members are left free to build new pages and review the content. For this, they do not need to change the pre-designed layout.

Designers can get creative and play around with the overall website design. The pages which are connected to template files get updated automatically, which allows quick site modifications.

“Community” is at the heart of Envato’s vision. We love interacting with people on the forums, helping readers through our tutorials, talking to friends at meet-ups or just spending time with our teams. Yes, we are in fact passionate about community as much as we our passionate about the web and therefore our primary company value says “When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed.”

Make your Website with Envato!

It can be quite tedious to make a website right from the scratch. A lot of time can go into writing codes. On the other hand, our web templates could end up saving a lot of your precious time as they are pre-coded. Also, if you face any issues with the template, we offer support via tutorials, forums, telephone and live chat. So make your website building a fun activity with Envato!