Recommend tools for Internet Traveler

Collection of your favorite page with Pocket, You can add any
interest page to your list by tag and mange on web. You can found this tools on your browser store like Chrome web store, Firefox Addon store.

Bookmark Scanner, This Addon can be scan your Bookmark find duplicate url and check your URL is alive or dead link, This powerful tools for mange your bookmark when have a lot of URL.

Fast Bookmark Scanner II, This nice addon browser for manage your bookmark find duplicate url, merge and delete it.

Sprucemarks Addon, Google Chrome addon can be sort your bookmark specially sort by URL.

Pushbullet, Share current URL , attachment media or something like Note between your device and your friend in your account. This Addon your can found in browser and mobile app store.

Google Keep, Tools from Google add current URL to note and write something or share live note to other friend by share feature.

Google Translate, Translate wording your highlight or whole page for any language support.

One Tab addon, Convert all tab on browser to one page list. It’s good for short term using before save to list. Careful using this plugin when your stay that list tab long time it’s working in browser cache, sometime that tab list page will disappear when browser crash or clean browser cache.

Pinterest Save Button, save any Image url to your pinterest account and manage image in your list later.

SuperSorter, bookmark sorter tool

The Great Suspender, automatic or force suspend your tab when not have event in time limit. This tools helping when you open a lot of tab, when suspend tab you had save CPU utilization.

Über simple bookmark count, Bookmark counter tools.